The Fallen Ink Pledge

Fast, Safe and Affordable Tattoo Removal

Here at Fallen Ink Tattoo Removal, we focus on one thing and one thing only, results. And, we like to think our results speak for themselves! When you choose Fallen Ink as your trusted laser tattoo removal experts, you can be confident that you will receive incredible results, at an affordable rate! A matter of fact, we are so confident in our experience, technology and proprietary laser protocols, that we stand behind our word with the Fallen Ink Pledge!

What is the Fallen Ink Pledge? It’s really pretty simple. It’s a promise to our incredible customers that 1) you will never pay for more treatments than you need and 2) you will get additional treatments FREE if you need them!

Here’s how it works: During your free consultation, a certified Fallen Ink Tattoo Removal Specialist will evaluate your tattoo and provide you with a total estimated number of treatments we believe will be necessary for complete removal. If there is any residual ink remaining after the completion of your last treatment, we will continue to treat you free of charge for a period of 1 year! Additionally, if your tattoos takes fewer treatments to remove than what was quoted and paid for, we will refund your hard earned money for the unused treatments!

To qualify for the Fallen Ink Pledge, a customer must purchase the complete package in full during their first visit. In doing so, a 20% discount will be applied that day and the Fallen Ink Pledge will be honored.


*Not all clients will qualify for the Fallen Ink Pledge. Certain factors such as age of tattoo, location of tattoo, ink depth and certain colors may disqualify you from receiving the Fallen Ink Pledge. To see if you qualify, please schedule a free consultation today. Free laser tattoo removal treatments will be administered according to our medical procedures and protocols. The human body, quality of ink and a multitude of other factors play an important role in how quickly tattoos are removed. Since we have no control over these things, we never guarantee complete removal. However, client satisfaction is extremely important to us. If your tattoo is still not gone after the series of free treatments (which is very unlikely), we also pledge to work with you and put in place a mutually fair and acceptable price per treatment solution moving forward. In the very rare case that this might happen, a client can expect an extremely discounted rate of 75-80% off of the original price per treatment. The Fallen Ink Pledge is not valid with any other offers, promotions or discounts.