Fallen Ink Tattoo Removal Guarantee

Best Tattoo Removal Guarantee in Minnesota

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When you choose Fallen Ink, we feel that we are only as good as our word and therefore stand behind our word with the best laser tattoo removal guarantee in Minnesota.

  • Never pay for more treatments than you need
  • Get additional treatments FREE if you need them


Here’s how it works: During your free consultation, a certified laser tattoo removal specialist will evaluate your tattoo and provide you with a total estimated number of treatments needed for complete removal. Most tattoos can be fully removed within 5 to 14 treatments. However, in some (rare) cases a client might not be a good candidate for tattoo removal. If that’s the case, we tell you right then and there.

To qualify for the guarantee, a customer must purchase the complete package during their first visit. In doing so, a 20% discount will be applied that day and the Fallen Ink Guarantee will be received.


The Fallen Ink Tattoo Removal Guarantee:

If you complete all the estimated treatments and there is any residual ink still visible from your tattoo, we will continue to treat you free of charge for a period of 1 year every 8 to 10 weeks. Additionally, if your tattoo takes fewer treatments to remove than we initially estimated, we will refund your money for the unnecessary treatments.

Not all clients will qualify for the Fallen Ink Guarantee. To see if you qualify, you will need to first schedule a free consultation. Free laser tattoo removal treatments will be administered according to our medical procedures and protocols. The human body and quality of ink play an important role in how quickly tattoos are removed. Since we have no control over these two things, we never guarantee complete removal. However, client satisfaction is extremely important to us. If your tattoo is still not gone after the series of free treatments (which is very unlikely), we work together to put in place a mutually fair and acceptable solution in moving forward. The Fallen Ink guarantee is not valid with any other offers or promotional discounts.