Advanced Tattoo Removal Technology

Outperforms Pico Lasers With Less Side Effects

Dedicated to delivering the best results with minimal side effects, we are proud to operate the most advanced laser tattoo removal technology. Known as the Gold Standard in laser tattoo removal, The Quanta Q-Plus C laser is the only FDA approved machine that uses three true wavelengths specifically designed to target a full spectrum of color.

We decided to invest in the Q-Plus C for a number of reasons. Most notable however, is the fact that it consistently outperforms pico and other q-switched lasers for most tattoos and with less side effects.

Unlike pico and older q-switched laser technologies, the Q-Plus C laser is the only laser on the market that offers three true wavelengths to safely and efficiently remove tattoos of all colors.


  • 1064: Targets black pigment, which resides deepest in the skin and easiest to remove.
  • 532: This wavelength hits red/orange, which is the most shallow in the skin.
  • 694: This wavelength targets blue and green colors, which are known to be some of the toughest to remove. However, with the 694 wavelength, these colors don’t stand a chance.

For our pain sensitive clients, we use the Zimmer Cyro 6 skin cooling machine to help numb and dull any discomfort associated with tattoo removal prior and during the removal treatment.