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Welcome to Fallen Ink Tattoo Removal. We make removal of tattoos fast, safe and affordable!

With locations in Roseville and St. Louis Park – we are Minnesota’s top rated laser tattoo removal clinic. We are NOT a med-spa or cosmetic boutique who offer a plethora of services. We are NOT a jack of all trades and a master of none. We ARE a no-nonsense laser tattoo removal clinic that delivers results! We specialize strictly in laser tattoo removal and strive to understand each of our clients’ unique needs and desires. Whether you’re looking to have your tattoo completely removed or faded for a new cover-up, we’re here to help!

Our team is medically directed and highly trained as certified Laser Tattoo Removal Specialists (L.T.R.S.) and Laser Safety Officers (L.S.O.). Discover why Fallen Ink is Minnesota’s trusted laser tattoo removal experts and schedule your FREE consultation today.

The Fallen Ink Pledge

Get Incredible Results at an Incredible Rate

  • When you choose Fallen Ink as your trusted laser tattoo removal expert, you can be confident that the results we promise are the results we deliver. We feel that we are only as good as our word and therefore stand behind our word with the Fallen Ink Pledge.
  • For all qualified clients, Fallen Ink pledges to remove your tattoo in the total estimated number of treatments quoted or we will provide additional laser treatments for a period of one year FREE.
  • To learn more about our tattoo removal pledge and to see if you qualify, please schedule your free consultation today!

Advanced Laser Technology

Outperforms Pico Lasers with Less Side Effects

  • Outperforms pico lasers with less side effects and quicker heal time.
  • Known as the Gold Standard in laser tattoo removal, the Q-Plus C’s short pulse wavelengths create a highly concentrated photo-acoustic impact that shatters ink into tiny particles.
  • As the only laser on the market to boast three true wavelengths, the Quanta Q-Plus C removes tattoos of all colors faster and safer than any other laser currently offered.
  • Optibeam technology offers a flat topped square spot and homogenizing optics to equally distribute energy across the beam, providing more efficient laser treatment.